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Focus on your business and let Edeten help you with your company’s personnel tasks, starting from recruiting new employees until the end of employment. Shall we proceed together?

HR services to support your company's business

Edeten serves especially small and middle-size companies in various employee and workplace communication related needs.

Also in small companies employees expect that employee legislation and regulations are followed in their employment relationship. For example, they expect that they have a proper employment contract, they are paid correctly, and the practices and policies of the company are transparent and documented. Especially young generations share their everyday workplace experiences in social media. This means that the brand of the company can’t be developed and managed only in the management room.

When the number of employees is over 20, the Finnish employment legislation sets requirements for certain written plans. It takes time to keep the plans updated in the middle of the everyday business.


Why outsource HR services?

Free up your time for your core business

Concentrate on essential and outsource tasks which are not generating revenue to your business.

Ensure a good employee experience

Make sure that employee legislation and possible collective agreements are followed in your company.

Ensure a diverse working place

Hire a foreign employee with the support of Edeten.

Keep your employees updated on your company’s news

Communicate your company’s news to your employees. You are the best person to do it, but in case you need a bit support, Edeten can help you.

Listen to your employees

Sometimes an external person might be needed to ensure that the employees will be heard.

Offer HR support to your staff when and how you need it

If your company does not need a full-time HR professional, Edeten can act as an on-demand HR, taking care of any actual personnel tasks.

Have you thought of hiring a person who has moved into Finland from some other country?

Edeten supports the first steps of the new immigrant employee and makes sure this person receives all information when she or he needs it. When the new employee is not familiar with the Finnish working life, a bit different piece of information might be needed compared to those employees who has lived and educated in Finland and can easily find out how things are organized here.

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Edeten Oy's HR services


If it is easy to collect the staff together, the messages are often going on to all directions well enough. Sometimes planning and implementing communication more carefully might still be needed.

Employee legislation

The employee legislation and collective agreements are regulating the rules and practises of employment relationships. Following these regulations is the basis of employments.

Employee recruitment

Small organizations normally recruit only occasionally. So routines and processes are missing and external help might be welcome.

Creating practices

Sometimes it might be beneficial to clarify or modify the established practises so that they are more transparent and clear for the whole organization.

Employee guidelines

Written guidelines and plans make the company’s practices transparent and create trust on equal treatment in the company. In addition, they support the work of supervisors.

HR professional

Do you need help in people management and administration temporarily or part-time?

HR professional here to help you

I have acted as a HR Manager in international companies for 16 years. In addition to that I have experience from an employee and supervisor roles in a company which grew during that time from a small Finnish company to a subsidiary of an international organization.

Do you need help managing personnel matters on a temporary or part-time basis? Contact me and we’ll see how I can solve your problem.

Marja Kantonen / Edeten Oy

Marja Kantonen