HR Support for private customers

Do you want to discuss your employment relationship matters with an impartial HR professional? Maybe your company doesn’t have its own HR expert, or you don’t want to bring your matter to the employer’s attention yet, but you need help.

Edeten offers HR support and consultation also for private customers.

If your employer is a small company, it may not have its own HR department or specialist, from whom you could ask for advice on questions concerning your own employment relationship. Even if the employing company has its own HR, you don’t necessarily want to bring all your matters to the attention of your employer.

There may also be situations where, as an employee, you do not feel that you receive impartial support from your own organization or you are not sure whether you are treated equally. Maybe you need a support person to join you in a challenging conversation. Edeten supports you in these and similar situations.

You can book a consultation appointment by email or phone (link to contact information). The price of the service for an individual is 30 euros / starting 15 minutes (incl. VAT).