Employee guidelines

Employee guidelines are supporting both employees and management. They inform how employees can deal with their employment issues – for example how to agree on the holidays, when a medical certificate need to be provided for the sick leave, when it is possible to ask a pay rise, is the company providing a bicycle benefit, is a holiday bonus paid and if yes, when it will happen. Of course it’s possible to ask, but many of us like to find the information ourselves in the guidelines.

Written guidelines and plans make the practices of the company transparent and build in that way trust on the equal treatment of the employees. They also support the work of supervisors.

Some of the plans are legally required in Finland, depending on the headcount of the company, but having written plans might be beneficial although they are not legally required. Updating and maintaining guidelines protect the value of the investment for them.

Does you company need guidelines?

Edeten can help in creating them or having them translated in different languages needed in your company:

  • Composing and maintaining an employee handbook in the languages of the company
  • Guidelines about travelling in business, working hours, taking time off, and employee benefits, and other practices
  • If needed, legally required documentation (for example gender equality plan, non-discrimination plan, personnel’s development plan, plan of early support, occupational health and safety action plans)
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