Communication is needed in the working life all the time. Generative AI supports you a lot in generating the messages you want to provide to your organization. Using it as an assistant and modifying your message based on the texts it provides you have already done a lot. When you need to interact and listen, other kind of tools and methods are needed.

Creating newsletters or intranet postings for the employees, or supporting in the creation of them

Leading is communicating. The leadership of an organization or a company must communicate on a regular basis to the employees what is happening, what is the organization targeting and why. If there is need for this kind of communication in an organization located in Finland but there are no resources to do it, Edeten can help.

Collecting and composing feedback from the personnel

Communication is not only from the leadership to the employees. The personnel know best the everyday working life in the company. In the best case there is a constant discussion going on in the company, allowing good ideas to be presented.

How Edeten can help is for example

  • interview employees who stay in the company or who are leaving the company.
  • Surveys might also be a good way to collect employees’ feedback.
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